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1 Get a dumb watch 买块“笨”表The average smartphone owner consults his device an astonishing 195 times per day. Nip the knee-jerk habit at the source and strap on a good old-fashioned watch. Definitely not a smart one, preferably a mechanical one.手机用户平均每天看手机的次数达到了惊人的195次。从源头改掉这个本能习惯,去买块质量不错的老式手表吧。千万别是智能手表,最好是老式机械表。2 Pick up a paper 重拾纸媒Instead of hitting up a social network or a newspaper app to breeze through news summaries and half-read a few articles, grab a paper and be amazed at how relaxing it is to read through the day‘s news. Not only that, we found our attention span has increased and we don’t abandon as many articles. And fret not at the expense. Even the New York Times is $9 a week for home delivery, plus digital access.别再在社交网络或者报纸软件上浏览新闻或者看文章了吧。你若能再拿起报纸就会发现,每天看看新闻是一件多么放松的事。除此之外,我们还发现这样更能集中注意力,不会让我们看文章时半途而废。费用也无需担心,《纽约时报》每周送到家也才9美元,其中这还包括网络版呢。3 Listen to airwaves 听听广播Again, not a radio stream from your phone or desktop. Blow the dust off your old clock radio or handheld transistor, plug it in, and be amazed at how vital radio still can be. More importantly, you won‘t be tempted to check other apps and websites.再说一遍,这可不是你手机和电脑里的广播软件。拿出你的老式收音机闹钟或者晶体管收音机,吹去灰尘,插上电源,我想你一定会惊叹它的重要性。更重要的是,你不会受到手机的诱惑,想要去浏览软件和网页。4 Sever social media ties 切断社网We love hitting up Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep tabs on friends and relations. If you aren‘t willing to walk away from this ritual of keeping up with digital Joneses, then consider consolidating down to one service and picking a dedicated daily time for checking in — at your lunch break or at the gym, ideally. And turn off app and email notifications for the services you use, so you aren’t tempted by all those little red badges.我们痴迷于浏览Facebook,Twitter和Instagram来和朋友保持联系。如果你不愿改掉和网络好友比排场的习惯的话,那就试试将所有服务整合到一起,然后每天统一看看你的手机——理想的时间是午饭休息片刻,或者健身时。还有关闭你所用的应用和邮件提醒,这样你就不会被那些小红标诱惑啦!5 Make a phone stack 叠手机Today, it seems nearly impossible to put your phone down for 60 consecutive minutes. Phone stacks are a cliché, but they work: Whether dining at home or out on the town, implement a no-device policy, no exceptions. To make it stick, you can place phones in a stack in the center of the table. Even better, have a waiter or coat check place them out of site so no one can break the rules, and there aren‘t hard feelings.今时今日,连续1小时不看手机几乎是不可能的。“叠手机”游戏虽然已经过时,但其实它非常好用:不管是在家吃饭还是去外地出差,要践行“无手机政策”,而且不能有意外。为了让这能坚持下来,你可以将手机放在桌中央,将它们叠起来。更好的方法是:请服务员或者存衣员将他们放到远离餐桌的地方,这样轻轻松松就能坚持下来啦!6 Create rules for living 立下规定Having general rules for indulging in gadget time are too easy to slack on, just like diets and workouts. Take the next 10 minutes to figure out the hours when your tech is truly indispensable, and then nail down times when it should never be used: dinnertime, when you‘re with the kids, and yes, in bed. Be specific and be rigid. Have a designated, inconvenient spot where your device should go during those times so that you don’t cave — a cabinet upstairs, in your car, or in the basement.只制定泛泛的计划,来限制在手机上花的时间很容易让人沦陷,就像原来减肥和健身那样。看完这篇文章后,花十分钟想想在哪些时间段你是非要用这些科技产品不可的,然后定好绝不使用它们的时间:晚餐时,陪孩子时,当然,在床上时。计划一定具体而且严格。还要为你的手机在这些时段找到归处,确保它不那么方便易得。你可以将其放在楼上的橱柜里,你的车内或者地下室里。7 Cut the cord 切断网线There are tons of apps dedicated to keeping you from losing focus on whichever task you‘re meant to be accomplishing and instead heading down a YouTube or Facebook rabbit hole. Freedom ($10; for Mac or Windows) is a surefire desktop application that lets you pick a window of time for which the Internet gets locked on your PC. If you want to hop online before the time is up, you have to reboot your computer. If your work requires that you have Internet access, try anti-social, a $15 application that lets you select which services you block, rather than the entire Internet.各类让你无法专心完成任务的应用软件数不胜数,从YouTube到让你眼花缭乱的Facebook。Freedom(Mac和Windows售价为10美元)这款软件能让你锁住电脑,无法上网。如果想在时间结束前上网的话,你就得重启电脑了。如果你的工作必须得上网的话,倒不妨试试anti-social软件,价格为15美元,它能让你锁住自己选定的服务,而非整个网络。8 Move your charger 充电器挪位置Battery life continues to be the Achilles heal of most mobile devices, which means many of us rush between charging sessions all day. Find a dedicated place at home to charge your device that‘s within earshot, but not convenient, and make it a daily ritual to come home, remove the phone from your person and leave it there even if it’s fully charged already. If you need to take a call, keep it locked to the charging cable so you aren‘t tempted to walk away with it afterward.电池寿命是大多数移动设备的致命弱点,这意味着我们不少人每天都奔波于充电插头之间。在你家里面找一个专用充电处,确保它在你的听觉范围之内而又不那么触手可及。然后每天回家后要做的,就是放下手机,让它慢慢充满电。如果要打电话的话,别将它从充电线上拔下,这样你就不会在打完电话后又将它带走。9 Automate your attention 自动设置Even our device makers know that we use them too much, which is why they have built-in functions like Do Not Disturb (iOS) or Silent mode (Android). Those allow you to designate certain VIP contacts who can reach you at all times, but silences emails, texts and other communications from anyone else. Both can be automated so that they are time-based or location-based, or can be switched on or off ad hoc if you want a few minutes of rest.连手机厂商们都知道我们过度使用手机,他们也因此设计了“免打扰”(苹果操作系统)和“静音”(安卓系统)模式。这些功能能让一些VIP客户无论何时都能联系上你,让邮件、短信和其他人的来电静音。这两种功能都可设定为在特定时间和地点自动开启,当然如果你想休息几分钟的话也可以临时关闭或打开。10 Shame yourself 以此为耻If you‘ve ever taken a gander at the running tally of the time you’ve spent playing solitaire, you know the pain that comes from looking in the mirror. Along with apps that cut off Internet access, there‘s also a category that tallies up how much time you waste. Set them running, and you’ll quickly hit rock bottom and find inspiration to take meaningful measures. Moment (iOS only) keeps tabs on the amount of time you use your phone per day, including the number of times you unlock it, and lets you clamp down services, too. Menthal, for Android, tallies up in detail how much you use your phone, with what apps, and then compares it with other users for a little added peer pressure and possible inspiration.如果你曾看过你在手机上玩单人纸牌游戏所花的时间的话,你就会知道正视事实的痛苦了。随着断网也能用的软件的发展,现在还有一类软件专门记录你所浪费的时间。一旦开启这种软件,你很快就可以直面现状并想采取有意义的措施。Moment(仅有iOS版本)记录你每天在手机上所花费的时间,包括你解锁的次数,然后让你减少使用的次数。安卓软件Menthal详细记录了你手机使用的软件,然后将它和其他用户作比较,来给你增加一点同龄人压力,激发出改变的灵感。Vocabularyknee-jerk: 下意识的,自动反应的keep tabs on: 密切注意keep up with the Jones: 与左邻右舍攀比,互相攀比,不落后于邻居surefire: 必定会成功的,一定能达到目的的reboot: 重新启动ad hoc: 临时take a gander: 看一看,瞅一眼solitaire: 单人纸牌戏tally up: 计算…的总数clamp down: 强行压制英文来源:雅虎新闻