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  101、做贡献 make a significant contribution to

  102、做义工 do voluntary work

  103、充分发挥 bring into full play

  104、达到目的 achieve one’s goal

  105、竞争的压力 pressure and stress of competition

  106、就读名牌学校 admission to prestigious school

  107、培养自信 foster confidence

  108、失去兴趣 lose interest in

  109、天生的欲望 a natural desire

  110、相互的帮助和支持 mutual aid and support

  111、永恒的主题 eternal theme

  112、增强我们的自尊心 strengthenour self-esteem

  113、追求卓越 strive for excellence

  114、完善自我 self-improvement

  115、高分低能的人 people with high marks and poor ability

  116、考试技巧 testing technique

  117、入学考试 entrance examination

  118、施加过多压力 exert too much pressure on

  119、丰富知识 enrich one’s knowledge

  120、自控能力 self-control ability

  121、储蓄的概念 concept of saving

  122、腐蚀小孩的思想 corruptchildren’s mind

  123、谨慎于 be cautious about

  124、培养独立精神 cultivate a spirit of independence

  125、设定目标 goal-setting

  126、消费习惯 spending habit

  127、不良的举止 indecent behavior

  128、根深蒂固的 deep-rooted

  129、良性竞争 benign competition

  130、树立好的榜样 set a good example

  131、对…造成心理上的伤害 flict deep psychologicalwounds on

  132、服从纪律 submit to discipline

  133、教训某人 teach sb. a good lesson

  134、出于善意的 well-intentioned

  135、课余辅导 instruction after school

  136、课余时间 after-class time

  137、没教养的 ill-bred

  138、为…负责 be responsible for

  139、专门机构 specialized institution

  140、学习氛围 academic atmosphere

  141、义务教育 compulsory education

  142、无礼和无修养的行为 disrespectful and undisciplined behavior

  143、做出正确判断 make correct judgment

  144、个人得失 personal gains and losses

  145、劳动技能 laboring skill

  146、物质享受 material comfort

  147、安排好时间 budget one’s time

  148、缓解经济压力 ease the financial strain

  149、养成勤俭节约的好习惯 form the good habit of frugality

  150、在学业和工作时间表中找到平衡 balance out your school and work schedules

  151、施展个人才华、能力 demonstrate one’s ability

  152、人才市场 talent market

  153、掌上明珠 the apple of someone’s eye

  154、缺乏教养 lack of manners

  155、是某人陷入绝望 drive somebody to despair

  156、用新的眼光判断 to evaluate … with a new standard

  157、维持/破坏课堂纪律 maintain/disrupt classroom order

  158、为排名高低而竞争 compete for higher rankings

  159、学习成绩不佳 poor academic performance

  160、学习进步 academic improvement

  161、一个可以接受的方式 a fairly acceptable way

  162、渴望引导 long for guidance

  163、适当的鼓励 proper encouragement

  164、贫困家庭 needy families

  165、掌握人际关系的技巧 master the skill of interpersonal relationship

  166、启发孩子的创造力 inspire children’s creativity

  167、被视为人生的一个转折点 be deemed a turning point in life

  168、素质教育能够减轻学生们沉重的课业负担。 Quality-oriented education will relieve students of their heavy burden of homework.



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  169、做兼职是好是坏、关键在于你能否权衡学习和工作(的时间)。Whether taking part-time job is good or not just depends on whether you can strike a balance between your study and work.

  170、他们通常投奔父母征求意见与指导、而开始大学生活后、一切就要变了。 They have always had their parents to depend on for advice and guidance、 and when they arrive at universitytheir lives begin to change.