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  Conservation matters: Step-by-step savingsAs abundant as the clean water flowing from your tap may seem to be, it’s a finite resource, and one too precious for anyone to waste。

   Over time, society’s need for water will only grow as our finite supplies are called upon to serve as many people as possible。

   That’s why Aquarion wants to help you and all of our customers avoid waste and conserve this invaluable resource。 Of course, wasting water also means wasting money。

   And when you conserve water, can also:Reduce your water bills Cut your hot-water heating expenses Control municipal sewer system costs, or extend the life of your septic system 这只是节约用水,别的自己写 , 觉得那不对 ,自己改。

  Economize on electricity, is not only our each person's responsibility and the duty, accumulates over a long period of time can also leave not a small expense for us from the hexacene。

   Kills two birds with one stone, why not? The expert reminds, the family should select as far as possible conserves energy the lamp, although price high spot, but saves 75% electric powers compared to the ordinary incandescent lamp, moreover the service life is long-time。

   After the washer should store as far as possible suffices the clothing, satisfiedly uses again, after each time uses, should clean up the strainer promptly。

   When uses the microwave oven, should chooses microwave oven's firepower according to the cooking food category and quantity, after refrigeration food suitable defrosts beforehand, carries on the cooking again。

   Family of three select and purchase 140 to 180 liter capacity refrigerators is most suitable, the population are few, but the refrigerator capacity is too big, not only occupies the place moreover also to consume electricity。

   Usually should guarantee as far as possible the refrigerator gate nearby the rubber clings, avoids frequently the switch refrigerator gate。

   In the summer is drawing near, the air conditioning will become uses electricity the wealthy and powerful family, therefore, when purchases the air conditioning must select most suits a room size number the air conditioning; When opens the air conditioning, must guarantee that the windows and doors shut tightly; If the periodic cleaning separates this world, may save 30% electric powers。

   The expert also reminds, all electrical appliances have one “the general character”, is “loves cleanly”, maintains electric appliance's clean frequently, can the varying degree enhance them to work “the enthusiasm”, saves many electrical bill expenditures。