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subject:the evaluation of land saving and high efficiency use




abstracts:landastheimportantresourcefortheeconomicdevelopment,thehighorlowefficiencyuse,whichwouldinfluencethequalityandpotentialstrengthoftheeconomicdevelopmentdirectly, ketruethatthechangeofthelandusefromrudeusetohighefficiencyuse,thediggingthepotentialcapbility,savingandhighefficiencyuse,whichistheurgentissuestodealwith,thistextisbasedonthecurrentconditionofthelanduse,discuss the severe situation of land resourse we encountered,raise the meaning and action of land saving and high efficiency use,construct the evaluation system for land saving and high efficiency use ,analysis the issues of land saving and high efficiency use happened in the recent time ,and issue several advices。

Good job!

  Some comments about intensive utilization of land

Land is the one of the most important resource in todays economy development。

  How to make fully use of it will directly impact the quality and the speed of economy development and also it is a key indicator of economy development level。

   Thus how to dig out the potential and improve intensive utilization of land is the biggest challenge we are facing in the management of country land resource。

This article has well illustrated the status of utilization of country land and also give a rough picture of the challenging situations we are facing。

   Meanwhile, the article also provide some solutions and set up a structure to monitor land utilization and centralization。